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On Street Parking - Smart Parking Meter

Smart Parking Meter

The occupancy detection can accurately detect when the car is in and out of the parking spot.


Link to parking app to show the roadside parking availability.


Support multiple smart cards and online payment.


Complete operation support system, includes customer service system, service dispatch system and on-site handheld supporting app.


Hierarchical system architecture.

Off Street Parking

Built with industrial motherboard, which make it extremely stable and reliable
Linked with blacklist checking system to ensure secure transactions
Multiple cards charges supported
AAVS (Automatic Add Value Service) for multiple cards supported
Micropayment supported
Gate remote control integrated


Accurate car park location & current parking rates
Over 10,000 car parks in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore with most updated parking rates
Real-time car parking vacancies
Credit card free parking rewards
Automatic parking fee payment in parking lots with automatic number-plate recognition
Built-in GPS navigation via Google Maps


Accepts various type of cards including Mifare, Mifare plus, Mifare DesFire and Felica etc...
Support multiple transaction data transmission method : wired connection, WiFi, 3G/GPRS and USB 1.1/2.0 drive.
Fully automatic transaction transfer mechanism, no manual attention need.
Support unstable voltage supply support DC input ranging from 9.2V-18V, 19V-36V converter.
Support consistent vibrate using connector specially catered for car environment to make it firmly connected.
Suitable for critical weather condition: kept fully functional through high/low temperature and high/low humidity.

Who we are

Acer, one of the world's famous ICT companies, has been in ITS business since 2004.
Now, Acer is the largest bus traffic ticket system supplier in Taiwan.
To be more focus on ITS-related solutions, a spin-off company, Acer ITS Inc., was established in Sep. 2017.
Facts and Figures:
More than 9,000 Bus Validators shipped
A major player with 60% market share in Taiwan
The Annual transaction amount exceeds 6 Billion NT dollors